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Dream a little dream...

♥Αλετζαντραi Βερονικα♥
3 November 1989
My name is Umi, hi! *Waves*
I am a Lolita
My name has been Umi since I was 10 years old
I like to sing
I like to act
I like to sleep
I like to draw
I like to read
I like to sew
I like to make friends!
I like piercings and tattoos and colored hair :3
I like chocolate
I like stuffed animals and plushes
Fluffy tigers make the world go round!
I'm a Fashion Design student! Yay!
I'm myself, get over it...
If you mess with my friends, I'm gonna rip your head off... So you better watch your back and never mess with my friends, got it?
I wanna be the vocal on a band
I love jrock music
I love Japanese street fashion
I don't like liars... Lie to me and I shall erase you from my life, I don't need liars...
I tend to be explosive, depressive or extremely happy, do I have multiple personalities? D:
I want a visual/goth/kodona/all of these boyfriend
I don't need to be "IN" to be happy... I like my own fashion
I like the colors black and blue and am moving into the pink side of the Force lol
I like frilly dresses, again, get over it...
Music is my life, if I am not listening to music (either of my liking, or the music my parents listen to, which is not half that bad D:) I go crazy, I need music D:
I've been writing stories, fanfictions and unfinished novels since I was 11 D:
Don't really know what to say anymore... Get to know me if you feel like it :3

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